Buzz Wisely

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Letters are a Graffiti Grunge category design!
We don't Drink Wisely as our message in our world anymore......We Buzz Wisely!                                                                                       
This design makes us laugh! We hope it does for you, too....

Design is a special edition and painted in Artist's color design.

Our shirts are available in several fabric color choices.
Please Note: At times, we may have limited availability of XX-Large and XXX-Large. Due to this it may take longer than 14 days to ship your custom tee.

In the Order of the Image, Heavy Cotton Colors Include:
Midnight, Russet, and Heather Military Green

SoftStyle Colors Include:
Dark Heather Irish Green, Heather Orange, Heather Purple, Heather Royal, Antique Heliconia, Antique Sapphire, and Antique Cherry Red

*** Please note that this design cannot be on the Dark Heather (Dark Gray) or the Black T-shirt. 

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