Changing the World... One Tee Shirt at a Time!

About Us

We're just a small business with good intentions operating out of our old farm house. While we'd like to eventually find a place to operate out of so that we can have the house back, we promise to never get too big for our britches.

We Believe In:

kindness, honesty, following your 'gut', conscious appreciation for life's blessings, hugging, spaying and neutering, a positive attitude, juicing, forgiveness, peace, garage sales, flea markets, our ability to heal ourselves, fresh air, talking to strangers, cleaning up after yourself, patching old clothes, rag rugs, percolators, smaller portions, naps and letting the other guy 'win'

We Enjoy:

long walks, campfires, meals made with love, reading in bed, kissing and hugging things we love, gardening, soft tee shirts and old jeans, good shoes, pigtails and barrettes, meaningful conversation, rocking chairs and swings, hot summers and cold winters, writing letters, good music, riding with the top down, making gifts, watching nature, and creating our reality one thought at a time