Be a Pelican Not a Pelican't

$28.00 $24.99

Just another fun design in honor of all who choose the positive road rather than the negative one!  If you say you can, you will--if you say you can't you won't.  Looks like we better watch what we say--AND what we think!

Our shirts are available in several fabric color choices.
Designs are Painted in Either White or Artists Choice.

Please Note: At times, we may have limited availability of XX-Large and XXX-Large. Due to this it may take longer than 14 days to ship your custom tee.

In the Order of the Image, Heavy Cotton Colors Include:
Midnight, Russet, and Heather Military Green

SoftStyle Colors Include:
Dark Heather, Heather Irish Green, Heather Orange, Heather Purple, Heather Royal, Antique Heliconia, Black, Antique Sapphire, and Antique Cherry Red

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